Take A Load Off – Resting Your Feet In The Washington Square

I’ve pounded the pavement all day, and my feet are begging for mercy. Unfortunately, my escapades have been disappointing. Nordstrom Rack doesn’t have my size in the boots I need. The embassy I wanted to visit is closed.

The last errand for the day is picking up my husband’s boots at the Cobbler’s Bench shoe repair in the Washington Square building. I discovered a refuge here, and want to share it with you.

I descend the escalator to the serenity of the lower level of the atrium. As the noise from traffic and people on the streets subsides, I realize this is the perfect place to take a load off. It’s a beautiful environment with a small fountain. The gurgling of water always calms me.

The chairs and tables are comfortable, and there are even two large-screen TVs on the wall. One is tuned to the news, the other displays a sports channel.

I just grabbed a latte from the Starbucks a few doors down, so I plant myself in front of the fountain and sip my way to warmth and comfort.

I look around and I see many convenient shops. There’s the post office, the Atrium Café, the Washington Square Hair Salon, a shoeshine stand, a menswear store, and a fitness center. I’d like to try the food at the Atrium Café one day when I have more time. If you do, let me know what you think.

I spend 15 to 20 minutes relaxing in the peace and quiet. When my feet have stop complaining, I pick up the boots and ride the escalator to street level to face the day again. I say a silent thank you to the architect who designed this building and it’s small slice of comfort in the middle of an urban environment.

The Washington Square building is located at 1050 Connecticut Avenue NW (at L St). The red line Metro at Farragut North drops you off at the base of the building. If you are a fan of Nordstrom Rack, you will pass it going to and from the Metro. Stop in and take a load off.

*All images ©2014 Gina Genis


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