Cruising the Anacostia River

RiverKeeper boat cruise

The Dock at 1st & Potomac SE DC

If you are looking for outdoor adventure, I recommend a free (yep, its free) river cruise with Anacostia Riverkeepers. You experience the river from a different point of view than ever before.  The sights and sounds of seagulls, ducks, waves, wind, laughter and helicopters converge into a delightful cacophony. It’s a great way to cool down on a hot summer day because the breeze off the river is generally much less warm than the air temperature. Bring your own picnic and drinks if you like.

RiverKeeper boat cruise

Along the banks of the Anacostia River

The Anacostia Riverkeepers received a grant for community outreach and that is funding the cruises. The money comes from the District’s disposable bag fee we all pay when we take a plastic bag from a store. While you are floating, your guide gives you info on the river’s history, wildlife and environmental conditions.

RiverKeeper boat cruise

One of the bridges along the Anacostia River

There are public and private tours available. Check out this link for details and to reserve your spot on the pontoon. One and two hours tours are available.

RiverKeeper boat cruise

RiverKeepers boat cruise

Helpful hints: take plenty of sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat that won’t blow off your head. It is very bright on the river and the water reflects back up on you so take care of your skin and eyes.







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