In the Groove – A Jazz Lovers Must See

Entrance to the jazz portraits exhibit

In The Groove: Jazz Portraits by Herman Leonard at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery is a must see for any music lover or historian. The combination of Leonard’s photographic skills and the legends of jazz in action make it a delectable adventure in visual American musical history. 

There are wall didactics that provide a brief history of jazz itself as well as information about each musician. It’s a bit like getting a free crash course. 

I’ve photographed some of my favorite images to share with you. Keep in mind the angles are odd in an attempt to reduce as many reflections from the glass as possible.

The exhibit is small, so you csn see it even if you don’t have a lot of time. Do you work in Chinatown? You can easily stroll through the whole thing on your lunch break.

Sarah Vaughan

Gerry Milligan and Zoot Sims

Clifford Brown

Sonny Stitt

Buddy Rich

Fats Navarro

Dizzy Gillepsie

Billie Holiday

The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery is locatrd at 8th St NW & F St NW, Washington, DC 20001. Open every day except Christmas from 11:30AM–7PM.


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