Boring Boots? Decorate Them With Your Old Jewelry

Decorate your old boots

My plain and tired boots

Don’t you love when green leaves turn to gold and the temperature drops enough to bring your boots to the front of your closet? I get bored with the ones I’ve had for years, but they are broken in to the point of irreplaceable comfort. A new pair of boots can’t walk me all over DC without hurting my feet.

So what do I do? I dig through my jewelry box. Just like my boots, I get tired of old costume jewelry when I buy new pieces. It’s easy to give your worn boots a second life with the bling from your necklaces and pins. I get excited about my shoes all over again and I’m comfortable at the same time. My friends think I buy new boots every year, but all I do is add the jewels.

Decorate your old boots

Some Jewelry I don’t wear anymore

Since the holidays are upon us, it’s the perfect time to stylize your boots. I buy ankle length pants to show them off. Pairing your newly decorated boots with a velvet skirt adds a unique element all your own. Get creative and let your style shine through.

Decorate your old boots

I’m in love with my boots all over again

If you can’t help yourself and really want a brand new pair of boots, buy a color instead of black or brown. I love blue knee-high boots with my jeans because they make my legs look longer when there is one color from waist to ankle. For fun, I pair red or purple boots with an all black outfit. Olive green suede is always classy with cream or brown. Then add your personal touch of jewels, and you are looking like a Vogue cover.


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